Who is The Wandering BitchHiker?

I have been involved in LIVE streaming in one form or another since the days of ICR. I remember this postage stamp sized software B to B that allowed the first thumbnail transmissions of live video in the mid 90's.

From there it has grown into and odd eclectic group of wanna be DJ's, Shock Jock's, Gamers and Attention Seekers. For the sake of this discussion we leave out the Sex Seekers.. they are more a "utility" of the web than a form of entertainment...LOL. We will also leave those who have evil intentions by using cams.. just not a part of our discussion here.

I have experimented with this form of broadcasting since being introduced to it as a part of my employment in the Media and Publishing world. I really am fascinated by what it is and what it will become.

It's still in it's tiniest infancy and has a long way to go, but personal home live streaming is going to become the norm someday instead of just the novelty it is now. It has been fascinating to watch it go through it's birthing pains.

Mark my words, someday we will all be live broadcasters. We will wake up, turn on our cameras and go about our day. Our viewers will be the same people you are frineds with on Facebook now. You just won't have to type as much because you will be able to talk to your wall.. instead of posting past tense. you heard it here first folks... this WILL happen.

Just glad to be one of the first Pioneers stumbling across the prairie....

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