Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Wanderers Bitchin' BBQ Easter Show

We had a wonderful time on Easter Sunday when everyone turned out to help us cook an Old Fashioned Pork Shoulder Roast in our Convection Gas Holland Grill.

Just wish we could've sent out samples!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Get Back in The Kitchen and Make Us Pasta Amanda T!

Tomorrow at 7pm Central on "In the Kitchenette" Amanda T is making pasta from scratch
March 17the, 2016 It's a must watch! vaughnlive.tv/amanda_t

MissScruffy's Cookie Baking Show A Sweet Success! (Despite Mark Helping Her!)

Today was MissScruffy's baking show and a Great Success it was! 6 dozen cookies made and packed to be sent out to lucky viewers!

Hundreds turned out to watch Mark struggle with modern kitchen appliances!

A Great time was had by all!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Duce Lee Brings Rare Musical Ability To Vaughnlive.tv Live Web TV Worth Watching!

Duce Lee is on Weekdays at 12:00am

I just discover Duce Lee and within ten minutes I was building this review about him. There is no doubt this man has absolutely got real and present talent. Request "Tangled Sheets" if you want to hear some really wonderful, soulful music. He's all over the place with coffee house and more styles that will keep you listening and watching.

Here is his description from below his Channel Video:

Welcome to Duce Lee TV!!

My name is Duce, and I am Songwriter and Composer. I love music, and anyone who knows me can see that I bleed it though my body. Music is therapeutic for me, I believe I need it to move on. Without it, I wouldn't be able to express my emotions whether there happy or sad. Music is my joy to the world.

The Show is dedicated Music of all forms and promotes Artists, Songwriters, Musicians and Engineers.

We have special Guests, Live Performances, by Musicians , Singers, Rappers, etc.

We also have in depth interviews with celebrity and non celebrity people who are working or retired from the industry as well. It #039 s a pleasure to be here and Please enjoy!

What the Live Broadcast Software Looks like for Mac at Work

What it looks like from the Broadcasting Side...LOL

Stockroom Steve Finds a Home at Vaughnlive.tv as Official Mascot and Representative

This appeared in Mark's Facebook Feed today..... 

Now we know that Steve is Watching...

Steve is watching.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Mark and MissScruffy's Cookie Baking Broadcast March 16, 12 Noon 2016

Mark and MissScruffy's

Cookie Baking Broadcast


March 16 • 12 Noon • 2016

Here's the LINK to MissScruffy's Cookie Baking Show!

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The Wandering Bitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy

LiVE at Noon Eastern Everyday, join me for Coffee and Conversation!
See if I'm Live By Clicking on this LINK BELOW!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

JackieLee - A Morning Coffee Fixture On Vaughnlive - Get your Gossip Fix!

Jackie Lee Brings Morning News to Vaughnlive.. both site news and world news bundled into one dynamic interesting bundle of enthusiastic energy. Not to be missed!

JackieLee can be found at this link JackieLee most mornings on Vaughnlive

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Edge of Eight - Elegance, Grace and a Sense of Humor in The LIVE Cam World

Edge Shows Us a Parody of Another Caster.. Who could it Be? LOL
Edge is a Daily Life Cam person, as well as an entertainer and comedian.. she's luscious, she's a Bitch and she's always worth having coffee with in the morning on Vaughnlive! LOL

She's a veteran of Live broadcasting and her cutting, often tell-it-like-it-is attitude isn't everyone's tastes.. but mature minds will get her drift and come back for more....

Catch her everyday in the am eastern time and often throughout the day and evening! EDGE OF EIGHT

Why a Blog about Vlogs, Live Streaming and Live Cams?

The Master At Work..LOL
Vapor lady lounge show 2014
I have been involved in LIVE streaming in one form or another since the days of ICR. I remember this postage stamp sized software B to B that allowed the first thumbnail transmissions of live video in the mid 90's.

From there it has grown into and odd eclectic group of wanna be DJ's, Shock Jock's, Gamers and Attention Seekers. For the sake of this discussion we leave out the Sex Seekers.. they are more a "utility" of the web than a form of entertainment...LOL. We will also leave those who have evil intentions by using cams.. just not a part of our discussion here.

I have experimented with this form of broadcasting since being introduced to it as a part of my employment in the Media and Publishing world. I really am fascinated by what it is and what it will become.

New Years 2014

It's still in it's tiniest infancy and has a long way to go, but personal home live streaming is going to become the norm someday instead of just the novelty it is now. It has been fascinating to watch it go through it's birthing pains.
Me and Co Host Ray Ray!

Mark my words, someday we will all be live broadcasters. We will wake up, turn on our cameras and go about our day. Our viewers will be the same people you are friends with on Facebook now. You just won't have to type as much because you will be able to talk to your wall.. instead of posting past tense. you heard it here first folks... this WILL happen.

If your interested in live blogging, vlogging, icasting, ipod casting and all the other forms of live homegrown entertainment.. check out some of the platforms I will be featuring over the course of the blog journal.

Just glad to be one of the first Pioneers stumbling across the prairie....
Vapor Lady Lounge 2015
Holiday Show 2015