Monday, April 18, 2016

BitchHiking Wanderer Finally Hits the Airwaves To Fabulous Acclaim

Well, maybe not Fabulous Acclaim but it was nice and I few old friends stopped by, as well as some new friends! It's wonderful to meet new people through the common love of music!

Monday, April 11, 2016

iCharacter Shows Us His Etchings Only on Vaughnlive

Spend a Saturday Night with iCharacter and THIS is what can happen!

Make sure you watch the "MUST Watch of the Season" at Vaughnlive:

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Edge of Eight The Cure for Saturday Night Blues..

Saturday night was Glam Night with the Edge of Eight, Edge showing us all how it is done! Always a great way to spend and evening, with friends and Fun!
Join Her most days and nights

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Who Is Katie Kaboom?

The Lovely Katie Kaboom

Katie Kaboom, Who Can She Be Now?
Katie Kaboom Shows us Her Handmade Beaded Jewelry
Katie Kaboom is difficult to define. Both worldly and innocent at the same time, she exists as a paradox. Creative, stable and motherly, she watches over her brood and is a loyal friend to all who return the embrace.

Then, as in a flash, she turns and becomes an actress from an old sepia tinted silent movie that scares the blazes out of you, she looks that dangerous. With a sideways glance she can alter from Wife and Mother to Siren, in one nod of the head and blink of the eye.

Katie is a modern young lady who has the wondrous luck, or misfortune, depending on the day, to be joined in life to Electrojed, a longtime Vaughnlive comedic fixture. How these two ended up together is any one's guess, but it works for them and she's probably in for the Sainthood, (LOL, old jk from the League of Martyred Wives, of which I am a card carrying member).

Drop by and see how she copes with the "The World's Most Difficult Man" when they cast together on his show, or when she casts alone with him kibitzing in the background.... Amazingly innocent, while worldly in the next breath, you just have to wonder.. Who is Katie Kaboom?

 The only sure way to find out who she truly is, 
is to drop by and spend some time with her almost daily on

Friday, April 8, 2016

Electrojed and Katie Kaboom That Couple From Hell or Vaughnlive Same Difference

Katie Gives Electrojed a Piece of Her Opinion
leave it to Vaughnlive to have these two in captivity. This is The Famous Electrojed and Katie Kaboom. Vaughnlive's "I Love Lucy" Couple from Hell. With Katie in the Ricky role, she tirelessly tries to keep Jed the hopeless child in line, with little success.

He's Cuban/American, she's more than enough to handle him. She has her own show daily as KatieKaboom on Vaughnlive, but be assured the Jed is always there to continually annoy and entertain by being annoying.

How can you be both entertaining and annoying at the same time?
Ask Jed on Vaughnlive daily:
Jed Seeks Revenge As His Alter Ego "Spanking Elvis"?

All's Fair in Love and War When Love is The Real Thing Going on Here!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

DigitalDave Delivers Vinyl Acid Rock and Heavy Metal Like No Other

I just recently discovered Digitaldave on Vaughnlive and I have been hooked ever since. This Guy has the vinyl on just about any Heavy Metal Group Eva, but also has strange and obscure shit that will Rock your World!
You can catch Digitaldave on Thursdays, as well as Saturday and Sundays, or by chance. Favoriting his page will send you notifications of when he is shredding the airwaves with the Best Rock EVER!
Catch him on Vaughnlive:

Sunday, April 3, 2016

His Face is His Fortune His Humor His Fame - iCharacter at Vaughnlive

You can't help yourself, if you have a sense of humor at all you have got to LOVE that face, and the biting, witty humor behind it. He pulls no punches but always knows how to twist everything into a smile... do stop by Vaughnlive and watch iCharacter! He has no set schedule, but if you follow the link and favorite him, you will get notifications when he is on the air!

Mark Vaughn Really Mr Peanut Revealed During Live Cast on Vaughnlive!

Mark Vaughn IS Mr Peanut!
 Long time viewers of Vaughnlive were shocked, (not really), when Mark called for a Special Cast Meeting this week to reveal that, INDEED, he IS Mr Peanut. We are glad Mark felt enough support and love from his friends and Family to come forward with this startling revelation.

Caught in the moment, his Cousin, Mr Potato Eye, also came forward and admitted he was just a Tuber too... you never know what strange things will be revealed when you watch Vaughnlive!
His Cousin.. Mr Potato Eye