Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Truth About The Difference Between a Man and a Chicken

If there is one thing I have come to understand in my dealing with not only my own, but my good friends mental illnesses, is the differences between man and beast. it is not language or use of tools that separates us. It is simply being able to rationalize any given situation and turn from behavior that is irrational and instinctive.

In the barnyard, a chicken will be perceived as having a fault, a speck of blood on it's plumage. This is evolution's way of telling a mindless animal that this animal is not suitable for reproduction or sharing at the food trough. The rest of the chickens take it upon themselves to kill that chicken by pecking it to death. Soon, in doing so, they also get blood on their plumage and a massacre begins until hundreds of chickens are dead.

We as humans, at some time were in such perilously low numbers that a new perception came to light. We do not have to destroy the weak to protect ourselves. We can give them dignity and a right to exist, even if their plumage is not perfect.

This was the birth of the rational mind. All growth, and everything we are as a species grew from that moment. The only time we are in peril as a human species is when we adopt the basic instinct of a chicken and forget we are rational humans beings capable of accepting those different to us.

Recently I have seen a few "Straw Leaders" take a stand against people they do not know or understand. They see the spot of blood on the others plumage but forget the drenching of blood they were covered with in a former time and were spared. How quickly they devolve.

Turn your back on such people, their way is that of a mindless animal that knows not how to behave among civilized people. Once they realize they are being shunned for their lack of evolution as a human being, they will turn to education and learn the error of their ways. if not, they can rule a hen house full of chickens and never attain anything more. Don't be chicken. Be a rational human being.
Lucidious Rage - Host of Mod Envy and Vaping Underground

Monday, May 23, 2016

LucidiousRage of and VULive Shows His Ass

The following IM conversation took place while I was in a friends Cast, not only was I a friend, but was even a Mod in the room.

During the course of the conversation in chat Lucidious Rage asked me why I hated him so much, (which I don't, I could care less about this person).

I answered it wasn't my cast or my room, but I would meet him in my room when I was casting at his earliest convenience.

Instead of waiting to address this issue in a more appropriate time and place, he then began this obvious barrage of information seeking, pumping me for drama while holding his so-called friendship with MissScruffy over my head.

I am acquainted with MissScruffy and I do know that she would NEVER discuss one Caster to another behind their back.

I took this conversation to be exactly what it was, pumping me for information and insisting he had the power and the right to do so.

This is a common tactic with predators. They wave the flag of "Why do You HATE me?" to find out what you have on them, then threaten you with their "Connections".

Sad and indicative of this troubled man's mindset.

By the way, I have never had any dealing with Vapor Joe in any way. I have never talked about him with MissScruffy or any other person, ever.

No one ran me off of Lucidious Rage is the person who called me "old" and a "loser" during a cast, (not mine). I simply chose no longer to put up with his shit and trolled him back in the spirit of his insults. This is what I got for it.

I apologize to Vapor Joe if anyone told you I had a problem with you. My problem has been with your stalky minions who do exactly what you see in the conversation above me, to me and to anyone who is their target.

And if you are wondering, Lucidious Rage, why I don't like you, perhaps your own words will shed light on this matter:

This is some of the saddest passive aggressive stalking I have ever been a part of. I know I am just one of the possibly hundreds who have been treated the same way. And now, you know the REAL story.