Sunday, March 13, 2016

Duce Lee Brings Rare Musical Ability To Live Web TV Worth Watching!

Duce Lee is on Weekdays at 12:00am

I just discover Duce Lee and within ten minutes I was building this review about him. There is no doubt this man has absolutely got real and present talent. Request "Tangled Sheets" if you want to hear some really wonderful, soulful music. He's all over the place with coffee house and more styles that will keep you listening and watching.

Here is his description from below his Channel Video:

Welcome to Duce Lee TV!!

My name is Duce, and I am Songwriter and Composer. I love music, and anyone who knows me can see that I bleed it though my body. Music is therapeutic for me, I believe I need it to move on. Without it, I wouldn't be able to express my emotions whether there happy or sad. Music is my joy to the world.

The Show is dedicated Music of all forms and promotes Artists, Songwriters, Musicians and Engineers.

We have special Guests, Live Performances, by Musicians , Singers, Rappers, etc.

We also have in depth interviews with celebrity and non celebrity people who are working or retired from the industry as well. It #039 s a pleasure to be here and Please enjoy!

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