Friday, April 8, 2016

Electrojed and Katie Kaboom That Couple From Hell or Vaughnlive Same Difference

Katie Gives Electrojed a Piece of Her Opinion
leave it to Vaughnlive to have these two in captivity. This is The Famous Electrojed and Katie Kaboom. Vaughnlive's "I Love Lucy" Couple from Hell. With Katie in the Ricky role, she tirelessly tries to keep Jed the hopeless child in line, with little success.

He's Cuban/American, she's more than enough to handle him. She has her own show daily as KatieKaboom on Vaughnlive, but be assured the Jed is always there to continually annoy and entertain by being annoying.

How can you be both entertaining and annoying at the same time?
Ask Jed on Vaughnlive daily:
Jed Seeks Revenge As His Alter Ego "Spanking Elvis"?

All's Fair in Love and War When Love is The Real Thing Going on Here!

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