Saturday, April 9, 2016

Who Is Katie Kaboom?

The Lovely Katie Kaboom

Katie Kaboom, Who Can She Be Now?
Katie Kaboom Shows us Her Handmade Beaded Jewelry
Katie Kaboom is difficult to define. Both worldly and innocent at the same time, she exists as a paradox. Creative, stable and motherly, she watches over her brood and is a loyal friend to all who return the embrace.

Then, as in a flash, she turns and becomes an actress from an old sepia tinted silent movie that scares the blazes out of you, she looks that dangerous. With a sideways glance she can alter from Wife and Mother to Siren, in one nod of the head and blink of the eye.

Katie is a modern young lady who has the wondrous luck, or misfortune, depending on the day, to be joined in life to Electrojed, a longtime Vaughnlive comedic fixture. How these two ended up together is any one's guess, but it works for them and she's probably in for the Sainthood, (LOL, old jk from the League of Martyred Wives, of which I am a card carrying member).

Drop by and see how she copes with the "The World's Most Difficult Man" when they cast together on his show, or when she casts alone with him kibitzing in the background.... Amazingly innocent, while worldly in the next breath, you just have to wonder.. Who is Katie Kaboom?

 The only sure way to find out who she truly is, 
is to drop by and spend some time with her almost daily on

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